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Cruise Passenger's Rights & Remedies
Overview of the legal rights of cruise ship passengers, who are injured or become ill during their travels. (February 15, 2000). 
Society: Law: Legal Information: Admiralty and Maritime Law
Links to resources pertaining international Admiralty and Maritime Law. 
U.S. House of Representatives
United States House of Representatives offical web page. 
U.S. Senate 
Admiralty & Maritime Law Directory 
Directory by state of Admiralty & Maritime Law Attorneys 
Admiralty Injury: Selecting a Good Lawyer
Admiralty and maritime laws are unique, so you'll want a lawyer who specializes in this area if you have a maritime injury or claim. 
Admiralty/Maritime Lawyers Directory   
BBC Radio Show
The Price Of Fun -  An investigative report on the BBC radio, that looks behind the scenes of the cruise industry. The show is two parts.  

Part One - 30 Mintues - Click Here
Part Two - 30 Mintues - Click Here

Murky Waters
TV Show produced by Nine Network Australia. An investigative TV report on the cruise industry in Australia 

One Part - 14:38 Mintues - Click Here

The Dianne Brimble Case
PDF File of facts and photographs related to the case - here

U. S. Senate’s Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Subcommittee June 19, 2008

Kendall Carver evidence presented in support of his testimony for “Cruise Ship Safety: Examining Potential Steps for Keeping Americans Safe at Sea” 

Senate Evidence Presented (PDF File) - Click Here

US Law’s Long Arm Aims To Combat Crime
By Alan Welcome, Passenger Ship Technology (PDF File)  - Click Here

Turning Up The Volume
World Cruise Industry Review (PDF File)  - Click Here

I Just Can't
Let’s talk about drug-facilitated sexual assault (PDF File)  - Click Here

Music Heard On Ashley Barnett Page:
The music was written by the Oscar nominated film composer, John Debney.
John has scored many, many films in his career but perhaps most notably the
soundtrack from, "The Passion of the Christ."  Ashley Barnett had the
pleasure of working for him for two years and at the time of her death, John
was in the process of scoring the film, "Cheaper by the Dozen 2".  He
composed the main theme at that point but rewrote it in honor of Ashley.
Listen Here

Music Heard On Merrian Carver Page:
The Butterfly Music (lyrics by Merrian Carver):

For the Service of Remembrance for Merrian, two members of our church took
Merrian's writings about the Butterfly and turned it into a song for this service. 
Listen Here

Music Heard On Daniel Dipiero Page:
Bryan Poirier wrote and performed this at Daniel DiPiero's memorial service. Bryan, Daniel’s cousin, is a member of New Third Coast out of Traverse City, MI.  He had this written and took it to the studio while the DiPiero's were still in St Thomas dealing with the loss of Daniel.
Listen Here
International Cruise Victims, ICV, is a not for profit organization. We consist of members who have been victims on cruise ships, are family members or friends of cruise ship victims, as well as others interested in our mission.
Victims Helping Victims 
              Together We Are Making A Difference
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Don't Snooze Before You Cruise
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 I Just Cant
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