About International Cruise Victims  
ICV members and Friends of ICV come from a variety of backgrounds and have a variety of skills. Our varied backgrounds complement each other and provide a strong foundation for the future as we move forward. The tireless efforts of the numerous ICV members and Friends of ICV reflect their passion for helping crime victims and reforming an under-regulated industry that has for far too long operated in murky waters. 

ICV has given cruise crime victims a forum to tell our stories and inform the public that there is a serious issue here that needs to be addressed by lawmakers. Media around the world and lawmakers are finally taking notice of the need for cruise industry reform. Each time we hear another story of how an individual has been victimized on a cruise ship, and the cruise lines inadequate response, the members feel more passionate and dedicated to fighting for changes to cruise industry practices.

The media coverage given to ICV has generated a tremendous response from victims and victims families and concerned citizens who champion our cause and wish to provide support and assistance with our fight for reform. These compassionate individuals have become Friends of ICV. 

In addition, The National Association for Victims of Crimes and the Rape, Assault, and Incest National Network (RAINN) have joined ICV in our effort to promote reform to the Cruise Line Industry. 

During 2006, ICV accomplished many tasks including the following. 

  • Members appeared on March 10, 2006 before a Congressional Hearing chaired by Congressman Chris Shays. 
  • Introduced a 10-point program to improve safety on cruise ships. This was presented at the Congressional hearings. 
  • Appeared on many TV shows and various articles written in magazines and newspapers around the world. 
  • Members joined the group from nine different countries. A separate group has been formed in Australia and is headed by Mark Brimble, a Board member. 
  • Was successful in introducing legislation into Congress to require Cruise Lines to report any crime to the Department of Homeland Security within four hours or subject the Captain to a personal fine of up to $250,000. 
  • Offered support to other new victims that have joined out-group this past year. 
  • Together, we are making a difference. We invite you to join in our crusade for the sake of all future cruise passengers and crewmembers.
* * Business Experiences – Achievements – Affiliations * *

Here is a partial list of our members Business Experiences, Achievements and Affliations.

  • President and CEO of New York domiciled Life insurance Company (1977 – 1995) 
  • Corporate Lawyer (licensed in NY and CT)                                                     
  • Graduate - Columbia Law School 
  • United States Marine Corps (1981 – 1985) 
  • Founder – “Kids Without Borders” 
  • Nonprofit organization supporting youth in the U.S and in developing countries 
  • Chairman of the Board of Life Insurance Council of New York (1991)  
  •  Represented all New York domiciled insurance companies. 
  • Network Administrator (2003 – Present) 
  • Brigid Collins Family Support Center 
  • Certification - MCBDA and MCSD (2005) 
  • Currently designing a web-based application for community social and human service agencies to share information and improve client services (W-I-S-H.org) 
  • Vice President/Conversion Coordinator 
  • Acquisition Integration/Bank Mergers 
  • 25+ years in the banking industry 
  • Cross-functional team management 
  • Business Owners - Oldest wine business in Greenwich, CT 
  • Graduate - Georgia State University 
  • MFA, Photography (2001) 
  • BFA, Art Education (1997) 
  • Photography Instructor  
  • Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA (2005-2006) 
  • Chamblee Charter High School, Chamblee, GA (2003-2005) 
  • Continuing Education and Summer Art Program, Atlanta College of Art (2002-2005) 
  • Atlanta College of Art (2000-2001) 
  • ArtsCool Summer Program, City of Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs (1997-2000) 
  • Holy Innocents Episcopal School, Atlanta, GA (1997) 
  • U. S. Army (Formerly served) 
  • Legal Assistant & Chaplain’s Assistant 
  • Senior Editor 
  • Classiccar.com, Motorhood.com, Speedwrx.com (1995 – 1999) 
  • Foundry Background – Core City of Milwaukee, WI 
  • Business development training in the field of Functional Medicine (Nutritional medicine) for preventing and reversing various illnesses and diseases 
  • U.S. Air Force (Active duty 1994 - 1998/Inactive Reserve 1998-2002) 
  • Founder & Chairman – “Executive Men’s Group” (2001 - Present) 
  • Group consists of 25 active and retired Senior Executives located in the Phoenix Metropolitan area 
  • Served as Board President of the Greater Seattle Viet Nam Association 
  • Non-governmental organization, based in the U.S with projects in Viet Nam 
  • Hotel Developer & Management 
  • Business Consultant – Banks (2000 – Present) 
  • Project Manager and Business Analyst – Data Architecture, Branch Systems Automation 
  • Liaison between Business Lines, Information Systems, Application &Technical Support 
  • Expert witness for Boston-based law firm (2003-2004) - Researching, documenting and submitting UCC cases, bank policies & regulatory procedures 
  • Professional Real Estate Agent 
  • Project Coordinator & Assistant Director 
  • Music Festivals - City of Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs (2000-2002) 
  • Licensed Practical Nurse/Fitness (28 years)  
  • Instructor/Personal Trainer (30+ years) 
  • Novice and competitive body builders and power lifters                     
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation  
  •  U.S non-governmental organization operated in Southeast Asia 
  • President of Public Relations & Marketing 
  • Fundraising Volunteer - Habitat for Humanity (Massachusetts) 
  • Active committee member 
  • Member of Rotary International 
  • Served as President of the Rotary Club of the University District Seattle (2004-2005) 
  • Chair of District Leadership Assembly 2006 
  • Graduate - Western Washington University 
  • BA in English (With Writing Emphasis) 
  • “Who’s Who in America” and “Who’s Who in the World” 
  • PC Technician (2000 – 2002) 
  • Certification - A+ and Network+ (2000) 
  • International Business Consulting Service in Business Development, Marketing 
  • Research, Startups, and other Services for private sector businesses, government agencies and educational institutions in the U.S and in Southeast Asia 
  • Facilitating trade missions, trips and meeting planning 
  • Business Owner and Consultant 
  • Political Consultant 
  • Project Coordinator  
  • Promotions and special events 
  • Sr. Deputy Sheriff (18 years) 
  • Personal Trainer   
  • Track and field athletes, NHL drafts,  bodybuilders and power lifters 
  • Sister Cities Council 
  • Appointed by the Mayor and the City Council of the City of Seattle 
  • Crisis Pregnancy Counselor for ReachOut (1987 to present) 
  • Board of the American Red Cross Seattle (Member) – King County Chapter 
  • Chairperson of the International Service Advisory Committee 
  • Member of the Service Delivery Committee 
  • Volunteer member of the Language Bank, Virtual Auction Committee, Heroes Breakfast Committee, and the Speaker Bureau 
  • Vice President Acquisitions (Properties) 
  • Website Developer 
  • Writer, editor, and publisher 
  • Airline employee (former) 
  • Director of Performance Franchising 
  • Business Development for Emerging Entrepreneurs 

International Cruise Victims, ICV, is a not for profit organization. We consist of members who have been victims on cruise ships, are family members or friends of cruise ship victims, as well as others interested in our mission.
Victims Helping Victims 
              Together We Are Making A Difference
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