Tragic Story of Another Jane Doe
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The Tragic Story of Another Jane Doe

On February 14, 2014, HOLLAND AMERICA’S room service attendant
onboard HOLLAND AMERICA’S MS Nieuw Amsterdam, Ketut Pujayasa,
used his company issued master key to enter the cabin of JANE DOE.
The crewmember laid in wait for JANE DOE on the stateroom balcony
until nightfall. When JANE DOE entered the dark room at approximately
midnight, JANE DOE got ready for bed. She climbed into bed and turned
off the lights. She was awakened by the presence of someone in her room
and saw a shadow of a man, HOLLAND AMERICA’S Room Service
Attendant, Pujayasa.

Pujayasa then pounced on and attacked this young woman. JANE DOE
let out several blood curdling screams for help as soon as the attack
started. No one responded. Pujayasa then punched JANE DOE with his
fists. He slammed heavy blunt objects from the cabin into JANE DOE’S
head. He attempted to strangle her with his hands, and subsequently used
a telephone cord followed by a curling iron cord. He smashed her face so
hard that she suffered a laceration on the left cheek which required
sutures and which caused a fracture of that part of her skull. He hit the
back of her head so hard that she suffered a laceration on the right scalp
which required staples. He beat her head and face so hard that she
experienced shifting of her teeth. All of the trauma to her head produced a
traumatic brain injury.

He bit the passenger’s hands so hard that he left bite marks. He threw her
and hit her so hard that she suffered a fracture of her spine at the upper
lumbar level (L2) and significant and abundant edema, swelling, bruising,
and lacerations throughout her face, scalp, head, neck, back, front of
torso, arms, and legs and abrasions on both arms. Pujayasa strangled her
with the cords so hard that the cords left visible marks on her neck after
the attack and the strangulation caused JANE DOE to lose consciousness
for a period of time during this attack. 

The violent, repeated actions of the HOLLAND AMERICA crew and/or employee 
Pujayasa were unlawful and in violation of criminal statutes including 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1113 (attempted murder) and 18 U.S.C. Sec. 2241 (a)(1) (aggravated sexual
abuse) to which Pujayasa has pled guilty in the District Court for the
Southern District of Florida in the action styled United States of America v.
Pujayasa, S.D. Fla. Case No. 14-60047-CR-JEM.

The civil case against the cruise line is still pending in the Western District
of Washington.