Blake Kepley
I don't want anyone to have to got through such an unimaginable experience as not only losing a child but having him go on vacation and disappear without a trace off a cruise ship. How is it possible in this  day and age that cruise ships don't have complete video coverage for passenger safety or MOB systems in place?I had no idea when I said goodbye to Blake that there was a chance that he would be vulnerable traveling at sea on a cruise ship. If I knew then what I know now, I would not let any of my sons travel on a cruise ship. When I first heard the news, the first thing I said was " don't they have alarms when there is a man overboard? I have seen motion detectors online. They exist, so why don't they have to put them on every ship?
My point is, no one should be able to go overboard without an alarm going off, period. So many people have disappeared before this happened to Blake. When are things going to change, how many people have to die? It's an impossible thought. When I tell people about Blake, they are stunned and can't speak. They have a very difficult time comprehending how that can happen and had no idea that these simple safety precautions don't exist currently while at sea.
Blake was a bright young ambitious man of 20 and has two Brothers, one of which is his twin. Blake had aspirations to change the world and make it a better place to live in. He was into Music, politics, loved sports cars, motorcycles and the outdoors. He was and excellent golfer and loved hanging out with his brothers. He was looking into a Tech school and thinking about possibly joining the military when he got back from Alaska. He wanted to find a nice girl, eventually settle down and  have children. In his words, "Lots of children!" Blake was kind hearted, generous, loyal, hard working, trustworthy and just so enjoyable to be with. He had contacted financial aid at a local college one month before the trip. He had future plans and of course he did, he was 20.
I want people to know that he not only is so very special but that he had a future and something to offer, himself! According to the cruise ship, there is no camera footage of Blake going overboard. It appears he just vanished. This is just not acceptable.

By Merri Laursen
Blake Kepley
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