The Ananias family barely escaped death on Jan. 13, 2012. The four of us -- Dean, Georgia, Valerie, and Cindy -- were among the last people to escape the sinking Costa Concordia. Our experience has convinced us of the need for groups such as International Cruise Victims and its mission to hold cruise lines to justice and speak up for victims. 

We have written a book, "SOS: Spirit of Survival" about the disaster on board the Costa Concordia that day and about the way that Costa and Carnival Cruise totally mishandled the entire disaster. It presents the perspectives of five family members ... the four on board the ship and Debbie, one of our daughters who was at home trying to get information from the cruise lines. But the book is not concerned only with our near-tragedy; it puts the cruise industry and its major shortcomings where passenger safety is concerned under a glaring spotlight. What we suffered after the cruise accident is something that people are not aware of and another reason why we wrote our book. 

We know the cruise line industry in and out because we have cruised annually for over the past 35 years. But no more; not, at least, until the cruise lines make passenger safety their absolute top priority.

We are pleased to work with ICV in its efforts to promote this goal. Our book is dedicated to everyone who has experienced a tragic event at sea

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International Cruise Victims, ICV, is a not for profit organization. We consist of members who have been victims on cruise ships, are family members or friends of cruise ship victims, as well as others interested in our mission.
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Ananias Family Barely Escaped Death