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What are the objectives of International Cruise Victims (ICV)?

The primary objectives of the International Cruise Victims Organization (ICV) are twofold:
  • To provide support to victims of crimes that occur on cruise ships;
  • To act as an advocate for reform to protect passengers from crimes and increase the rights of victims of crimes that do occur on cruise ships.

Why was ICV formed?

Victims of cruise line crimes found that alone they could not change the Cruise Line Industry relative to various crimes that occur on a cruise. Often these victims felt As a result, it was concluded that by joining together as a group the organization would be more effected in addressing the needs of victims of cruise line crimes.

What does ICV do?

Cruise ship passengers that have had crimes committed against them often feel alone and frustrated by the jurisdictional uncertainties and poor treatment by cruise companies. Our goal is to provide assistance to these victims in any manner possible. By pooling our experiences, we can serve as an invaluable resource to passengers that have been victimized on cruise ships.

The cruise industry is increasing in size in a dramatic manner yet cruise companies are largely unregulated and unaccountable for protecting passengers from crime and for assisting passengers after crimes have been committed. Our united efforts in support of reform can more effectively counter the cruise industry’s extensive and self-promoting lobbying efforts. By gathering and circulating more accurate information on cruise crimes, we can assist Congress with successfully regulating the cruise industry.

Who can join ICV?

Membership of the ICV is not limited to victims of cruise crimes and their families; to the contrary, the ICV welcomes as members any individuals that believe in our objectives and would like to offer their assistance. The privacy of our members is always protected.

What does ICV do to promote safety on cruise ships?

As an organization and without judgment, we (ICV) are reporting and publishing incidents/stories that have submitted to us by victims and family members. We are providing the public, previous and future cruise travelers, and our viewers with such details. Our mission is intended to increase awareness of potential safety threats, due to current under-regulated laws and guidelines of cruise line accountability. ICV has been very successful in having stories on TV plus newspapers and magazines around the world 

How is ICV organized?

ICV is organized as a non-profit Corporation. Management is made up of various members who have been victims of Cruise Line Crimes. A list of the officers and Executive officers is shown in our website. 

International Cruise Victims, ICV, is a not for profit organization. We consist of members who have been victims on cruise ships, are family members or friends of cruise ship victims, as well as others interested in our mission.
Victims Helping Victims 
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