International Cruise Victims Association Photographs
Music Heard On Daniel Dipiero Page:
Bryan Poirier wrote and performed this at Daniel DiPiero's memorial service. Bryan, Daniel’s cousin, is a member of New Third Coast out of Traverse City, MI.  He had this written and took it to the studio while the DiPiero's were still in St Thomas dealing with the loss of Daniel.
ICV Photographs 1234

ICV Photographs 1234

Laurie Dishman and Jamie Barnett, both members of the Executive Board of ICV were present to give out informative literature and answer questions at the July 4th event, sponsored by the Studio City Chamber of Commerce.
ICV looks forward to more opportunities like this in the coming year.  If you know of an upcoming event and would like to have ICV present please contact us.
The event was held on the CBS Studio Center Lot, where many of the approximately 5000 people in attendance were admittedly unaware and visibly shaken by the victim’s stories they saw in pictures, videos, and in print.
Lynnette Hudson and Kendall Carver during a TV interview in Washington to promote the ICV cause.

Ken Carver, Emily Ball, Laurie Dishman and Lynda Sanford along with Evelyn Fortier from RAINN represented ICV during the week of June 21st on
calls in Washington DC calling on US Senators to promote the ICVlegislation.
Bill and Laurie Dishman along with Lynda Sanford, Emily Balls and Evelyn Fortier.  The professional lobbyists of the cruise lines can't compete with the passion of the ICV volunteers.
International Cruise Victims Association Photographs
International Cruise Victims, ICV, is a not for profit organization. We consist of members who have been victims on cruise ships, are family members or friends of cruise ship victims, as well as others interested in our mission.
Victims Helping Victims 
              Together We Are Making A Difference
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International Cruise Victims Association Photographs
Laurie Dishman and Sue DiPiero discussing plans.
Ken Carver, Emily Ball and Richard Sanford resting and having dinner after several days of calls on Congressional members
ICV was proud to be invited to the Studio City, CA  4th of July Spectacular Event this past July, where our members were able to help educate the public and promote awareness of the dangers of cruising.
Sharing the stories of her (Louise Horton's) daughter's disappearance in her display.